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The Digital Accessibility Journey: Exploring Priorities and Investments in Aus and NZ organisations

Who we spoke to

From April to October 2021, we conducted qualitative interviews with 12 accessibility leaders and then conducted quantitative research with 670 organisations that generate over $10m annual revenue. The majority of the respondents are based in NSW, Victoria and Auckland. All respondents are employed (full or part time) in roles which either involve designing or making decisions about digital systems, or have some awareness of what their organisation is doing for Digital Accessibility. Three-quarters of respondents are directly involved in Digital Accessibility, while for 11%, it is their primary focus.

The types of businesses

The graph represents the demographics of the respondents.

The types of businesses View accessible version of the infographic.


  • Publicly-listed: 21%
  • Privately-owned: 44%
  • Not-for-profit: 12%
  • Public sector: 20%
  • Other: 3%

Number of employees

  • More than 5000: 20%
  • 1001-5000: 19%
  • 101-1000: 35%
  • Less than 100: 27%

Annual revenue

  • $50m+: 26%
  • $30m to $49m: 18%
  • $10m to $29m: 28%
  • Less than $10m or N/A: 26%