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The Digital Accessibility Journey: Exploring Priorities and Investments in Aus and NZ organisations

How are we doing it?

This is just one example of the innovations, training and roadmaps that businesses on the Digital Accessibility journey are putting into practice. Common digital accessibility actions include:

How are we doing it? View accessible version of the infographic. "We have set up a community of practice and a self-help learning hub to support employees to create accessible content. This provides checklists, video tutorials and FAQs." “All customer-facing emails are coded to be read aloud.” “We contract out for Easy Read and Auslan translations of important content.” “We use web quality assurance tools to monitor accessibility, readability etc across our websites. We also provide assistive technology software on our websites which adds text to speech functionality. Products used: Monsido and BrowseAloud.” “We are working on tactile features on some of our equipment so that people with low vision can still use it safely. We have voice operated software, and high contract screens and tactile keyboards.”

How different sectors are progressing

Finance and Consulting are leading amongst sectors when it comes to implementing a wider range of digitally accessible solutions, followed by IT and Telecom. Health and Welfare organisations appear to be less advanced – particularly when it comes to auditing their assets. Hospitality and Tourism, on the other hand, are mixed in their implementation (ahead of the curve when it comes to creating accessible job ads but well behind in most other regards).

Below are the actions each sector has made the most progress in:

How different sectors are progressing View accessible version of the infographic. The image represents people trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle.