Working the job I love

Scot Finney Scot works as an Associate with Infosys. He has completed his education in Informatics from Indiana University Kokomo.

One of the most intense and serious decisions you'll have to make growing up in Indiana is which team you'll be cheering for. The choice of having to decide if you're a Hoosier or a Boilermaker is a big one, and your business with anyone who's on the opposite team will always be somewhat strained. There's no being on this side and that, and there’s certainly no fence sitting. The games between the two are like the Super Bowl; very very serious. I should know. I grew up in Indiana. My wife, my son, and I are all proud Hoosiers.

Speaking of intense decisions, when it came to choosing a career for myself I was absolutely clear. I knew I wanted to be on the right side of the future, I wanted a career in technology.

I went through two college degrees in Indiana. When I graduated from my second round of college, I learned that a large technology company had decided to make Indiana their home. I decided to apply to this company. One big factor driving the choice was the fact that this company seems to see all the same great traits in Indiana that I did. They saw the potential. They saw the talent. They saw the openness and business-friendly progressive approach. And I felt like this was the beginning of so many possibilities. When I got the call that I was offered the chance to be a new employee of Infosys, I was thrilled to be working in the state I loved, in a career that was exciting and a perfect fit for me.

After joining Infosys I went to Purdue for training. It was challenging but immensely gratifying too. I eventually started at the hub in downtown Indianapolis. I was one of six people to start at the hub. We all talked about how exciting this opportunity was and imagined what the hub would look like in the future. The early days of the Indianapolis hub felt like we joined a startup company with the structure and backing of a large corporation. In many ways – the best of two exciting worlds.

With Infosys I’ve been able to work on projects that are fulfilling, make new friends, and work in an environment where people are given the green light to create things all while gaining experience along the way. One of my favorite things about Infosys is that they know the importance of continuous learning. They offer resources, trainings, and special internal projects to allow employees to sharpen the skills they have and learn new things they are interested in. My career goal is to be a full stack developer and with the resources Infosys offers will help me get to where I want to be.

Infosys has allowed me to be proud of where I work, enjoy the career path I chose, and to support my family. It has been fun to be able to watch the hub grow from a small group of six passionate technology lovers to what it is today. I look forward to watching the Indianapolis Hub become an even bigger part of the growth of the technology field in Indianapolis. And I – along with so many others like me - being a part of it all.