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Field Force Management

Representatives on the field of your agriculture enterprise need to share information and collaborate with agronomists, procurement companies, farm machinery suppliers, supply chain partners, and farmers.

The Infosys Agriculture practice offers field force automation and knowledge management solutions to enhance productivity across your farming enterprise. Our solutions enable your field staff to monitor and report requirements for agriculture inputs and detection of weed, pests and crop stress. Real-time data-sharing between stakeholders boosts the performance of focus areas – from crop selection and land preparation to harvesting and storage.

Our field force management solutions for animal husbandry and agricultural enterprises measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as workforce visits for farm development. Our knowledge management solutions help your field force share best practices in livestock management and the farming lifecycle with farmers.

Field Force Management

Infosys advantage

  • Enterprise mobility solutions to manage livestock, and monitor planting, harvesting and processing of agricultural commodities
  • Digital catalogs to help field representatives conduct demonstrations for farming communities
  • Quality management solutions to authenticate field records, ensure sustainable farming and comply with regulations




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