Industry Offerings


The sustainability of your food and agricultural commodities enterprise depends on the efficacy of the logistics network. Your transportation management system should address the moving parts of your ecosystem as well as seasonality of farming operations.

The Infosys Agriculture practice provides logistics solutions for the smooth flow of inputs (data, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and water) and output (produce). We combine mathematical modeling, simulation techniques and optimization tools to boost multi-modal transportation systems. Our approach safeguards the quality of perishable produce and mitigates post-harvest loss of bulk traded products. The Infosys Optimization-as-a-Service offering rationalizes transportation cost per mile and maximizes asset utilization.

Our traceability solutions maintain the shelf life of your produce during transportation and storage. Real-time collaboration between freight forwarders, carriers, warehouses, and distribution centers streamlines shipment planning. In addition, it ensures freight visibility and supports bid management in spot freight markets. Our solutions address the requirements of diverse distribution models including virtual hubs, merge-in-transit and reverse logistics.


Infosys advantage

  • Team of operations research analysts, mathematicians and data scientists creates algorithms and supply chain process models to enhance logistics operations
  • Constraints-based heuristic ‘external optimizer’ models integrate with third-party dispatch systems and legacy transportation management systems
  • Outcome-oriented optimization models recommend risk mitigation solutions and address real-time business requirements
  • Decision support systems boost hub operations through dynamic sequencing of truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) cargo




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