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Sustainable Farming

Your agribusiness needs to grow while protecting natural resources and shrinking your environmental footprint.

The Infosys Agriculture practice helps agribusiness enterprises adopt sustainable methods to produce food and manage livestock. Our sustainable farming solutions boost farm productivity and rationalize resources used in agriculture and animal husbandry. At the same time, our bespoke solutions mitigate risks by recommending crop varieties and animal breeds based on agro-ecological parameters of the field. Rotation of crops and animals maximizes crop efficiency and protects pastures from overgrazing.

We undertake an objective assessment of sustainability practices for insights into biodiversity, amount of inputs / additives applied per unit of cultivated land, stress encountered by plants, and the health of animals. Spatial and temporal variability mapping detects soil dehydration and nutrient deficiencies. It helps growers formulate strategies to prevent over seeding, conserve water, and minimize use of chemicals. Mapping systems help communicate to environmentalists and environment-friendly consumers that the farmland was not reclaimed from forests or water bodies.

Sustainable Farming

Infosys advantage

  • Team of plant and animal scientists with expertise in sustainable and mixed farming practices
  • Data models provide real-time visibility into the environmental footprint by evaluating soil erosion and fertility, water productivity, contamination of surface and ground water, and greenhouse gases emitted while raising crops / animals and burning fuel for farming activities
  • Crop and field scouting across the crop lifespan improves yield by optimizing the use of inputs and mitigating environmental risks during weed and pest control
  • Supply chain traceability solutions ensure compliance with environmental, social and economic regulations for producing, processing, packing, and transporting agricultural products
  • Web portal solutions share information about the field and products with consumers, and best practices in sustainable agriculture with employees




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