'Connected care: Can wearable tech improve your health?' - An interesting discussion on the VoiceAmerica Radio show


At the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show – 'The future of the future with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP - participants discussed ‘Connected care: Can wearable tech improve your health?'

Participants sharing their perspective, and commenting on recent trends in wearable technology and connected care were:

  • Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President and Head, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and High-Tech, Infosys
  • Puneet Suppal, SAP
  • Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO of AppOrchid

Some of the questions debated on this radio episode:

  • Can wearables deliver on their promises?
  • Do patients want to be observed 24/7?
  • Can this technology improve patient-doctor experiences?
  • Is more data always better data?

Speaking on the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show, Manish Tandon comments that, 'our medical grid devices such as insulin palms, pacemakers, have the power of connectivity and can help reduce healthcare costs. For example, one of the major causes of readmission is because patients do not comply are not complying with their medication. With connected devices, it is easy to send warnings, or messages, and improve patient adherence to medication – which will help to bring down the costs of healthcare'.

He also spoke on ‘how connected care can bring in newer technologies such as telemedicine. For medical guidance a patient does not have to visit a hospital, instead can dial a doctor, and get some quick advice right away. Telemedicine can provide a better experience to patients and reduce hospital admissions'.

In addition, Manish states – ‘information is being tracked from the various wearables feeds into the realm of personalized medicine. Current medical prescriptions are averages of averages and yet we know that each human being is different. Personalized medicine has significant benefits and it allows customized therapy for each individual'.

Learn more about how wearable tech can improve health - listen to the full talk show