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Helping biopharma meet Research, development regulatory and safety needs for next generation medicine

Life Science companies are going through massive transformation to tap into the opportunity of specialty medicine, and gain a competitive advantage. Research, development safety, and regulatory services are continuously evolving to meet the requirements of new drug development models and regulatory needs. Increased reliance on new technologies to create new pathways to data and patients across the value chain is helping life sciences companies reduce the drug development cycle. They are also gaining valuable insights in a short period of time into the cost vs. benefit prospective to their new drugs.

With M&A and assets swap being an industry norm, with a robust IT that provides the ability to integrate interoperate process and data, Life sciences organizations can accelerate value creation through their M&A while lowering any potential regulatory risks.

Infosys RDSR (Research, Development Safety and Regulatory) initiative brings technologies, methods, and solutions to help its customers adopt innovative technologies, emerging practices, and achieve readiness for the future challenges in medicine.

The Infosys Solution

Life Sciences is critically important for Infosys, with some marquee BioPharma, medical device, Pharma distributors as valued clients. For our customers, we are their eyes and ears - enabling them to make informed decisions, and creating visible and sustainable impact to the bottom line. We do this by leveraging our design thinking lead approach, deep industry knowledge, industry and technology solutions, and ecosystem of partners, leveraging them as a strategic fit to our clients and their vision.

The Infosys Solution  

Our RDSR expertise addresses key strategic challenges of the Pharma business process through an outcome based approach. Our core team works closely with customers and industry thought leaders to create and disseminate industry best practices, cross train our teams, and constantly learn from our successes as well as failures, thus being a trusted partner to our clients.

To address our customer needs comprehensively, our RDSR suite of services and solutions are classified into foundational core services, business solutions, and value realisation services for our customers across business and IT functions.


Our foundation services are core to customer success, and are further distributed in:

  • Acquisition, Collaboration and Divesture Services – a business reality for Pharma and an imperative to plan for
  • Data Management and Analytics wherein Infosys corporate investments in Mana™ are being continuously evolved for Life Services R&D Services
  • Application Support and Maintenance services that are fundamental to customer success - powered by business domain knowledge, automation, AI and Cognitive, and Cloud

Our business solutions are specific to the problems Pharma is facing today and tomorrow, several of which have been acknowledged as industry pain points by forums like TransCelerate.

We have invested in creating a Research Collaboration Platform to enable scientists to generate new insights by providing an integrated solution to access multiple and disparate large data sets, utilize multiple data analysis tools, and run various visualization engines to understand the analysis

Our Clinical Development solution addresses each facet in minute detail, creating a domino effect to reduce clinical development cycle, reduce costs, and improve trial outcomes. With Patient and Physician Centricity as the central theme of Infosys RDSR, our approach helps create new channels to patient data by leveraging EMR, strategies on reducing patient burden with ePRO, technologies such as wearables, Clinical Quality and Operations, Streamlined Clinical Supply, Clinical Data Management, Risk-based monitoring, and Clinical development operational insights.

Infosys Life Sciences has been standing on the shoulder of giants (co-creating solutions with our pharma partners) to create its own RIMS solutions transcending the existing silo environment. Our roadmap leverages regulations such as IDMP as an opportunity to solve Master Data/Data Quality challenges and we are investing in a next generation RIMS solution on cloud.

Patient Safety defines the integrity and values of our pharma partners. Our safety solutions are designed to address safety signals proactively, reporting what is relevant, customized for the regulatory requirements applicable to the product portfolio. Our approach intends to heavily leverage the Artificial Intelligence framework and Cognitive Technologies to address some of the labor intensive areas such as Safety Narratives. Come and talk to us to know how accurate and relevant our Auto Generated Narratives are compared to the traditional way of doing it.

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