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Infosys Medical Device Connectivity

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and integration of medical data with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) have become critical requirements for healthcare providers. Hospitals and small practices want manufacturers to ensure interoperability through product design, or by providing substitute connectivity solutions along with their products.

Infosys Medical Device Connectivity Solution provides uninterrupted data flow between devices and information systems by acquiring, transforming, and uploading device data in standard formats. The solution ensures data integration through:

  • Wired and wireless connectivity with computers and mobile devices supporting communication over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, USB, Ethernet, RS232, and web interfaces
  • Support for clinical and personal medical devices with HIS
  • Use of Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and IEEE11073 (Continua-compliant) standards
  • Secure access to patient data with HIPAA compliance
  • Plug-in architecture for report generation
  • Alarm management and analytics modules for extensibility
  • Device manager plug-ins for legacy devices
  • Software development kits for EMR integration
  • Support for health level seven (HL7), digital imaging, and communication in medicine (DICOM)
  • Standard communication protocol for computer-assisted electrocardiography (SCF-ECG)
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