Life Sciences

Technological advancements and focus on patient centric business models is creating tremendous new opportunities for the pharma industry. While shrinking R&D pipeline, regulatory pressures and drug pricing still continue to be the top challenges, pharma companies are leveraging the latest in Automation, Data Science, Digital, AI, AR/VR, IOT and other new technologies to gain momentum across the value chain – accelerate drug discovery, improve clinical trial effectiveness, reduce time to market for new drugs, find novel treatments that work on smaller groups and are more effective, bring medicine and devices together to improve patient engagement and drive optimization across operations through ground breaking automation.

Infosys is helping pharma companies focus on their objectives by leveraging:

  • AI-powered data core to deliver insights: A futuristic, rapid response, and deeply automated foundation that provides vital insights to enable meaningful execution.
  • Experience layer at scale: Create new capabilities that allow for the unprecedented flow of information, deliver value through connectedness, and transform into new business models.
  • Always-on learning: Drive continuous improvements by learning powerful digital skills and gaining experience through innovation ecosystems.

Redefining life sciences

Redefining life sciences