About Us:

Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) was established in early 2001, under the guidance of Infosys Founder N.R. Narayana Murthy.

ILI’s vision is to be a globally respected institution committed to developing Infosys leaders.

Our leadership development model includes three dimensions, transformational, instrumental, and transactional leadership with Infosys values at the core.

  • Enable current performance of leaders while also developing them for future positions
  • Identify, develop, and retain high-potential leaders in the leadership pool
  • Encourage and support senior leaders to teach, coach, and mentor other potential leaders
  • Provide high value learning opportunities through best-in-class and evidence-based programs
  • Education: Leaders are provided learning opportunities through in-class and virtual sessions
  • Exposure: Leaders are provided opportunities to network and learn from senior leaders
  • Experience: Leaders are encouraged and supported to apply their learning at the workplace
  • Books and Journals
    • The Impact of Aggressive Humor on Dysfunctional Resistance
      Article by Prakash K. Nair, PhD co-authored with Ashita Goswami, PhD and Michael A. Grossenbacher, Personality and Individual Differences-Journal, February 2015
    • A Bit of Levity Can Go Far
      Article by Prakash K. Nair, PhD and Malcolm Kushner, T + D Journal-an ASTD publication, July 2014
    • Leading Value Creation: Organizational Science, Bioinspiration, and the Cue See Model
      Book authored by Matt Barney, PhD, December 2013
    • The Four Domain Competency Model-A Framework for Competency Modeling and Development
      Article by Prakash K. Nair, PhD and Toby M. Egan, PhD, The 2011 Pfeiffer Annual: Training
    • Leadership @Infosys
      Book edited by Matt Barney, PhD, December 2010