A global insurance group wanted to standardize its HR systems for recruitment, on-boarding and talent management for all geographies, while moving from on-premise to cloud


We harmonized processes across different countries by implementing Oracle Human Capital Cloud in consultation with “challenger groups” drawn from each geography. By creating a solution centrally, and then demonstrating and implementing it globally, we achieved greater standardization, a modernized employee experience, and reduced operational workload for HR and line-management.

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  • Collaborated with stakeholder groups across 50 different entities and 30+ countries to design the HCM solution for the future
  • Rolled out the new system to over 90,000 employees in 30 countries
  • Implemented entirely new recruitment system; moved to paperless office for core HR operations
  • Better ROI by moving to SaaS based model; improved employee experience through personalization and mobile-enabled HCM solution