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Cloud is transforming the way enterprises are doing business today by increasing IT agility to support business, reducing the IT costs, and driving innovation. However, organizations face challenges in the orchestration of applications and data securely between private, public cloud, and on-premise IT environments. They also face challenges with enterprise-wide governance and visibility across the cloud ecosystem. It is critical for enterprises to keep a holistic view of the services available across the cloud ecosystem. The flexibility of using IT resources that comes with cloud, has enabled enterprises to quickly discover, analyze, and act on information, including big data, to drive business decisions.

The Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is the first solution that effectively helps enterprises build, manage, and govern a unified hybrid cloud environment. The solution enables rapid creation, adoption, and governance of cloud services across the ecosystem. The Unified Services catalog, together with the smart brokerage capabilities, provides an enterprise-wide, collaborative decision support mechanism to accelerate assessment and deployment of best-in-class cloud infrastructure, platforms, and applications.

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