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Infosys mConnect

Versatile real-time enterprise middleware

Companies can retain existing customers and acquire new customers by empowering their mobile workforce and customers with real-time information.

Mobile enablement helps you reach out and interact with customers in real-time. In addition, it boosts your workforce productivity and reduces transaction costs and time. However, mobile deployment poses challenges such as device and browser diversity, ever-changing wireless technology and multiple implementation issues.

The Infosys mConnect is a context-aware, real-time enterprise middleware that enables mobile services for websites and e-commerce platforms. Based on a patent-pending mobile technology, Infosys mConnect seamlessly integrates evolving technologies, new devices, and information delivery channels.

Infosys mConnect is versatile and caters to the diverse needs of enterprises in B2B, B2C, and B2E segments. With Infosys mConnect, you can deliver a superior user experience without additional costs and resources. It does not require maintenance during deployment or upgradation as technology evolves.

The benefits of the Infosys mConnect include:

  • Accelerated enablement of website functionality on mobile devices
  • New devices do not require upgrades
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Leveraging a new channel for increased business, improved customer service, and improved employee communication
  • Lower cost of mobile enablement, maintenance, and support


Channel-independent and non-intrusive integration layer

Infosys mConnect is designed to abstract the application or business process from the nuances of the channels through which the content is consumed. Once integrated, applications can be extended across channels without further effort. It also supports multichannel interactions.

Context detection engine

The context recognition engine of the Infosys mConnect executes tasks on a real-time basis. It continuously monitors the context in which the access is made and makes the context model available for the rest of the application to act upon. The context model is extensible.

Real-time user interface generation

Transaction interfaces can be generated in real-time, based on the context and specific application functionality requested. This is optimized for each access.

The Infosys mConnect also separates the specifics of the presentation technology from information that is presented to the end-user. The technology supports evolutionary upgrade of the user experience retrospectively on an existing application.

Application rule engine

The Infosys mConnect enables customization of the user experience without expending effort to revise codes. For example, certain transactions can be selectively enabled or disabled based on security vulnerability of the recipient mobile device.

Mobile multi-mode adaption

The Infosys mConnect can abstract the specific mode of mobile access from application functionality. An application, once integrated with Infosys mConnect, can be consumed across modes – thin client, downloadable clients, interactive voice response, and other modes such as widgets. Independent development effort need not be expended for deployment of service through a specific mode.


Robust inclusivity framework

The Infosys mConnect addresses the challenges posed by the multiplicity of form factors and access mechanisms on multiple devices to provide a context-sensitive view to the transaction server. It enables enterprises to include various customer segments through the mobile channel. The framework overcomes the complexities of diverse location and dissimilar mobile devices.

Rich customer experience

The Infosys mConnect renders context-relevant workflows to enrich customer experience. Intelligent services rendering with sensitivity to network bandwidth, device type, and browser ensures an optimal user experience

Quick mobile enablement of services

The Infosys mConnect facilitates a non-intrusive extension of services to the mobile world, with no changes to back-end applications. It enables enterprises to reduce time-to-market for their mobile-enabled services, adopting either the incremental or one-time-deployment approach.

Increased return on investment

The Infosys mConnect offers enterprises the advantages of reduced integration by leveraging common interface messages, and maintenance and deployment costs. It translates into significant cost savings ensuring companies do not have to compromise on features or the range of devices supported.

Infosys mConnect

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