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Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite

Formerly ‘MaskIT’

Infosys Mask IT Capabilities

In an era of extended enterprise that straddles multiple geographies, companies need to share a considerable volume of data within and outside the organizational periphery, for the purposes of business application development, testing, training, statistical analysis, business process outsourcing, and market research.

However, sharing of data makes organizations vulnerable to many hazards from data privacy violations to loss of sensitive client data. These leave enterprises open to risks of financial penalties, lawsuits, loss of customer confidence, brand damage, bad press, erosion in share price, and loss of revenue. Furthermore, global regulatory norms such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, PCI DSS, GLBA, ITAR, SOX, and JSOX make it imperative for enterprises to protect confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information. The mix of constraints and risks makes it difficult for some companies to pursue profitable outsourcing / off shoring opportunities.

The golden mean is a strategy where the need for protecting confidential client data is balanced with the requirement for sharing it with entities for legitimate business purposes. Such a strategy can be put into play using holistic data masking tools that ‘de-identify’ sensitive data, and replace it with realistic but false data, so that it is usable by application development, business intelligence, and BPO teams.

To meet this need, at Infosys Labs, we have developed the Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS), an easy-to-use, high performance, scalable, and cost-effective data privacy and protection product that automates the data masking process of an enterprise in a centralized manner. It also helps protect confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information within enterprise repositories. Loaded with deterministic, selective, dynamic, and static masking tools, iEDPS can be deployed on any platform, and supports all major databases as well as multiple operating systems.

iEDPS benefits

  • Provides scrambled data that can be used in production, test, and maintenance environments
  • Ensures privacy of sensitive client data
  • Helps enterprises take advantage of outsourcing / off shoring opportunities
  • Saves costs as the solution can be quickly deployed to automate masking of sensitive data
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
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