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Infosys Meter Data Management Appliance

Manage today seamlessly. Scale tomorrow with ease.

If you are looking for a solution that empowers your utility enterprise with timely actions and reliable intelligence, Infosys Meter Data Management Appliance solution will help you take charge. It's a complete solution with best-in-class hardware and software from Oracle, enriched by the global expertise and experience of Infosys in utility solutions and implementations.

Challenges and opportunities

Meter data management implementations are frequently challenged by high implementation cost, prolonged timelines, and complex infrastructure. Additionally, implementations are often crunched for key business resources needed for day-to-day implementation oversight. Infosys Meter Data Management Appliance is built to address these challenges.


Infosys Meter Data Management Appliance solution is a complete Oracle hardware and software solution, which can be easily tailored to your utility business and IT landscape. It offers:

  • Seamless integration
  • Ease of implementation
  • Ability to scale

Key components of Infosys Meter Data Management Appliance

  • Data migration tool and templates
  • Smart grid gateway
  • Pre-configured validation, editing, and estimation (VEE) setup
  • Pre-built, customizable batch adapters
  • Fast-track implementation methodology
  • Bundled documentation, including configuration and training manuals

Business outcomes

Infosys is committed to a successful meter data management deployment that realizes immediate and appreciable returns on your investment. The key to this realization is a more streamlined meter-to-bill process, optimized exception management, better and faster cash flow, and a significant reduction in field order requirements for reading exceptions and billing queries made to the call center. Where a traditional deployment takes 9 to 12 months, Infosys takes just 8 to 10 weeks.

The Infosys advantage

Infosys delivers the difference by reducing cost and risk without compromising on scope and quality. We help you realize greater value from your meter data management implementation through:

  • A pre-tested quality solution
  • Shorter timelines and on-time delivery
  • Lower cost – up to 60 percent cost savings
  • Lower risk, defined scope