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Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine

Retail has undergone significant changes in the past few decades to adapt to the rising expectations and needs of today’s digital consumer. The key challenge is in presenting the consumer with the most relevant content and in building a more personal, one-to-one relationship.

The Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine presents personalized content to each consumer regardless of the access channel, time, and location. In addition, the personalization engine enables retail enterprises to get a unique view into consumer behavior and campaign-effectiveness as well as provides effective controls that fine-tune the output.

Inputs to the Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine include cross-channel content from within the enterprise, social networks, and external review websites. The engine provides personalized product recommendations, navigation paths, targeted promotional content, site analytics, and integration with social channels. The Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine comprises a very intuitive business console that enables views into dynamically-visualized consumer clusters, campaign-effectiveness indicators, and recommendation-tuning.

The services of Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine are organized in a platform-agnostic manner using Representational State Transfer (REST). This means that its services can be consumed by any digital system that serves content to the consumer. The self-learning engine is constantly engaged in improving its own effectiveness. The engine is implemented as a distributed system with the ability to scale in a linear manner, while handling data in the order of hundreds of terabytes.

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