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Inspiring Women


Gender diversity isn't just percentages or affirmative hiring. It isn’t just about the handful of women breaking through the glass ceiling. It is about breaking the proverbial glass ceiling for every woman out there.

This year, we highlight the stories of the amazing women who make up this organisation, so that every day is a celebration of Women’s Day. Watch the stories of our #InspiringWomen Infoscions.


Sandra Jackson, Lisa Sutter and Vidya Prabhu underline the importance of soft skills, relationship building and the willingness to get outside one's comfort zone for career growth.

Relationship Building

Leadership By Example

Mrs. Sudha Murty shares inspiring anecdotes from her own life on the role of ethics and idealism, leadership by example, her dharma, motherhood, and seeing the bigger picture.

Jamie Bratt, Jayashree Sridharan and Katherine Maloney share their stories, as they re-live the importance of reinventing oneself, having healthy fear and the foundational necessity of self-belief, to thrive at work.

Reinventing at Workplace

New Responsibilities

Amy Cook, Hema Prem and Suzanne McVey talk about taking calculated risks, investing in building one's network and nurturing a personal boardroom, for a successful career.

Enia Sampaio, Lara Salamano and Ranjana Joshi review building support networks, nurturing relationships and staying true to oneself on the career journey.

Navigating Careers

Leadership Journey

Andrea Hendrickx, Inderpreet Sawhney, Skyler Mattson – all women in leadership positions, talk about their careers journeys, challenges and breaking through the glass ceiling.

Nishi Mathur, Kasturika S and Priti Budhia bring their two decades individual experience to the fore, as they talk about growth recipes, core strengths and career trajectories.

Career Trajectories

Workplace Equality

Anupama Konanavar, Grace Chen, Jayanthi D and Mugdha Milind Divekar discuss workplace equality, life priorities and developing one’s own signature work style to navigate careers.