Inclusive bench with disposed iron beams

Inclusive designs create a world that enables everyone, irrespective of physical limitations. It helps increase the involvement of people with limited mobility and thereby enhances the enrichment of society. To promote diversity and disability inclusion, Infoscion Chetana Roy made an inclusive bench specifically designed for people with reduced mobility - a wheelchair will fit comfortably in the gap provided in the middle. Her design is simple and innovative and helps redesign furniture in public spaces - like park benches - so that everyone feels equally welcomed.

Laptop stand from wood waste

Infoscion Jolly Joseph made an ergonomically designed, compact, and foldable laptop stand with a cable organizing slot and heat ventilation. With wood waste from the scrap yard on the campus and an interlocking mechanism with no nails and screws, he made a perfect and sturdy laptop riser while ensuring minimalism and eco-friendliness. The laptop stand can be set easily on any desk, does not take up too much space, and allows airflow to dissipate heat.

Coffee table from wooden cable spool

Infoscion Manjusha Nair is an ardent believer in adopting fun and creative ways of upcycling and becoming more environmentally friendly. Using creativity to extend the life of waste materials, she made a coffee table set – a round coffee table and stools – by upcycling a discarded cable spool into the coffee table and old golf cart tyres into single-seat stool chairs. The coffee table is designed to accommodate a planter on top and has spacious shelves to display books. According to Manjusha, upcycling helps enable a circular economy by innovatively reusing items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Chairs made from oil drums

Through the #InfyTrash2Treasure challenge, Infoscions Vivek M, Suresh MJ, and Mozhi Kumaran gave a creative solution for those who dislike the rusty and unpleasant view of metal barrels and worry that they may become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. With their creativity and skills, they changed metal barrels into beautiful chairs. They used oil barrels and old golf cart seats and made lasting and durable chairs that can become the centerpiece of any patio.

Trash bin cover made from waste plywood

Infoscions Rajesh Acharya and Rakesh Singh firmly believe that turning trash into treasure will not cost an arm and a leg. The #InfyTrash2Treasure challenge gave them an opportunity to put on their creative hats and give a quick makeover to the waste bins on the campus. Rajesh and Rakesh made theme-based covers(caps) for 240-litre wheel garbage dustbins, with plywood and paints, to create awareness about food wastage and educate Infoscions about the benefits of upcycling. With innovative thinking and a few materials that would otherwise have gone to the scrap heap, they made lasting and sturdy covers (caps) with attractive designs and strong messages to avoid food wastage and eradicate hunger.

Bird house and water feeder from old wood

Habitat loss is one of the main reasons for the decline of the population of birds. For the ornithophile in our Infoscion Swathi Rajashekhar, the #InfyTrash2Treasure challenge was a much-awaited opportunity to do something useful for the birds - build a bird nest with a wooden drawer, nails, and coconut shells. It has a six-centimeter entrance hole. Small birds like sparrows and hummingbirds can easily live in the nest, while large birds like crows and pigeons can never enter.

Mobile garden from discarded cycle and metal frame

Believe it or not, carrying potted plants while preventing the branches from breaking is far from easy. Infoscion Srikanth Patil took the #InfyTrash2Treasure challenge as an opportunity to find an easy and safe way to transport plants from one end of the campus to the other while keeping them alive. And guess what he made? A mobile garden - a cycle with a sturdy platform to keep the plants safe from tipping over! The plants will sit prettily on the metal platform, making their transportation quicker and easier.

Xylophone from disposed copper tubes and discarded wood

Infoscion Manisha Thorat is good at creatively reusing old items. For her, getting access to the scrap yard on the campus was like saying "open sesame" and finding the treasure trove. With a few copper tubes and the inspiration from a mesmerizing musical note played by her son, she made a xylophone. In addition to copper tubes, she used different materials to make the xylophone and the mallets strong and durable, along with ensuring unique experiences for users who wish to explore different melodies.

Bookshelf from discarded wooden cable drum and Lanterns from disposed oil tins

Bookshelf As the adage goes, "Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded." Infoscion Agniva Banerjee is a voracious reader and knows how expensive bookshelves can be - especially those that are long-lasting and eco-friendly. Hence, she made a rustic yet stylish bookshelf with a discarded wooden cable drum for fellow book lovers. Lantern A lantern is a lot more than a mere decorative item. Lanterns illuminate the rooms and minds of the occupants and leave a lasting positive impact on their mental health and well-being. For Agniva, making a lantern as part of the #InfyTrash2Treasure challenge was more than making a decorative item for a cozy and welcoming ambience. It was about upcycling discarded material and reducing landfill waste. She made a sturdy and aesthetically appealing lantern from discarded oil tins. Agniva strongly believes that having lanterns in a room can contribute to the overall mood of the occupant and enhance the ability to focus.

Games made from wood waste

For the #InfyTrash2Treasure initiative using damaged wood, Infoscion Ranjitha MC made a Jenga and jigsaw puzzle for team-building activities; to encourage colleagues to spend more time with each other in the office post COVID. She also made a target game with waste plywood pieces for children between five to 10 years of age.

Cart for housekeeping staff

The benefits of investing in a garden cart include saving back and knees, making gardening easier, accomplishing more in less time and with less effort, and keeping clothes clean. But when it comes to carrying garden hoses that are long and heavy or finding a safe and space-saving storage unit for garden hoses, a garden cart will not suffice. Infoscion Shanil C V came up with a one-size-fits-all solution as part of the #InfyTrash2Treasure initiative - a durable garden hose cart and storage unit for gardens of all sizes. The cart, made of a broken chair, disposed trolly wheel, and iron pipes, is shatter, rust, and corrosion-resistant, convenient and enables space-saving storage.

Quilt and Clothes organizers from old cotton cloth

If clothes come and go away from the wardrobe quickly, reusing or transforming them into something new and valuable is the best way to keep them out of the landfill. The quilt and warm clothes organizers that Infoscion Savitha Nayak made from torn cloth and bedspread encapsulate the essence of sustainable fashion through creative upcycling. She firmly believes that one can transform every old piece of clothing into something new and beautiful for just a fraction of the cost of buying it from the market.