Creating a Work Culture Defined by Diversity and Dynamism

Celeste Crocker-Payne Associate Partner Enterprise Digital Infosys Consulting

I recently joined Infosys Consulting in the Enterprise Digital team to help build and grow our experience transformation and digital marketing operations capabilities. Soon after starting at Infosys, I began researching our various Employee Resource Group offerings. It was exciting to discover the iBELIEVE group and learn about the opportunities it provides for me – and others like me – across the company.

Women of color made up only about 12% of the computing workforce in 2021, with Black women only comprising 3% of the total, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. These numbers are changing for the better, albeit slowly, which is why mentoring and connecting with other women in technology is both a personal and professional passion and goal of mine.

I’ve become even more passionate about mentoring and connecting given the data showing that Black women disproportionately experience career stagnation, while also struggling to manage work/life balance during the COVID-19 pandemic. My participation in iBELIEVE is one way to help me overcomes those challenges and potentially help others to do so as well.

My involvement in iBELIEVE has already paid significant dividends – giving me several opportunities to learn from a diverse set of accomplished colleagues. It has also provided an opportunity to make connections with newer team members and share ideas about how to navigate our ever-changing environment.

One of the biggest challenges in organizational change is motivating a business’s decision-makers to buy into the change strategy. Without that motivation, change may never take hold. I have been pleased to see executive-level leaders participating in fireside chats, global communication, and group discussions, focused on building awareness and education. These are indicators of an organization committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity measures and they have validated my choice to join Infosys Consulting.

Looking ahead, I hope my ongoing involvement with iBELIEVE, as well as other women-focused ERG groups, can contribute to a workplace environment that is both diverse and dynamic – helping me and all my colleagues maximize our potential.