Surrounding Myself with the right ‘Company’ for Success

Arwa Ghalawan Arwa is an Operations Executive at Infosys, Indianapolis. She has completed her education from Ivy Tech Community College.

They say, we will all eventually become like the people we surround ourselves with. We are all reflections of the company we keep in our lives and interact with on a daily basis. The actions and behaviors of the folks that surround us resonate and subconsciously influence our own everyday choices. That’s why it’s so important to surround ourselves with people who make us think forward, people open to learning, who are positive, and challenge us to be our best too. They are the ones who are worth keeping in our lives.

That’s why, when it came to my career and my workplace, I made the choice to place myself in a positive, progressive and engaging environment, one that suits my needs for an open environment to learn and grow at my own pace. Although I have only been with Infosys for a short period of time, I believe I have found the company, the place where I belong.

Working with incredibly talented people in a positive work environment has encouraged me to grow and develop professionally. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to start my career and identify myself with Infosys. The team I work with is made up of intelligent, creative, and highly motivated individuals who collaborate effectively. Infosys takes an active role in the development of its talent by providing proper guidance to help employees gain the know-how, the encouragement and support to meet their goals.

Infosys provided me with an effective training program right at the beginning that allowed me to develop my skills and improve my performance. The training program helped me understand the work environment better, and it made me feel more confident. In addition, the internal resources Infosys offers allows us to learn better and apply our learning every day. We learn to be unafraid to fail and to learn quickly from the experience to go on to do better things. I deeply believe that learning is a lifelong process and ever since I started working with Infosys, I have been acquiring something new every day. Working with multicultural people at Infosys is what makes it unique and outstanding. This diversity promotes acceptance, respect, and teamwork. Moreover, I truly believe that coming from a diverse background allows us to perceive things differently which is essential when it comes to problem solving. I’m so grateful to work with real leaders because true leaders encourage employees to improve and allow them to make decisions which is what I have been experiencing at Infosys.

I aspire to enhance my professional skills and expand my knowledge to increase my effectiveness professionally. One of my goals is to take part in work-related workshops and training programs. I believe that learning continuously is significant because it plays a major part in growing and developing. In addition, I aspire to build stronger professional relationships. This will positively impact my performance, and it will lead to better work experience. Building my communication skills is also significant when it comes to building stronger professional relationships. I hope to do it all. At Infosys, it's all very possible.