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Edwin Pimentel A computer engineer from Dominican Republic, Edwin is presently an Associate with Infosys. Having recently completed his training in ServiceNow, he would soon be working on a project with Radial.

As a kid, I was pretty intrigued by how computers worked, and at the age of 13, I enrolled in a computer assembly class in Dominican Republic. I realized that in order to have a very deep and updated understanding of computers, my best bet was to study outside the Dominican Republic. I decided to enroll in Penn State University, one of the most demanding universities in the engineering field, in order to achieve my goal of giving myself a very good quality education.

During these college years, I developed a great knowledge and exposure on both the software and hardware front and the experiences they can create in the digital world. By the time I finished my major in Computer Engineering, I had already created several applications, and worked on professional and personal projects in this field.

The following months after graduation were fairly stressful because first, I had to get a job; and second, I was not sure in which area of my major I wanted to work in, since Computer Engineering is a very wide field. For me, this stress simply vanished when I was contacted by Infosys. The company was perfect for my needs, since it gave me an opportunity to work in a lot of different cutting-edge technologies, which in turn would help me learn, grow and build a solid early career experience.

As a recent graduate who has the desire of constantly learning and evolving as an individual, Infosys has been instrumental in providing continuous learning in different fields, supported by a very collaborative online platform, offering several courses and certifications. With this platform I was able to get in-depth knowledge of full-stack development and ITIL to better help our clients, besides taking courses in stuff that I was personally interested in – like Android Development.

It is very exciting to work in a company where no two days are the same, because I’m learning and doing new things that help me grow as an individual, as a professional and even as a citizen. Now that I am actually doing what I wanted to when I was a kid, I feel very proud of my decisions, because I feel happy doing the work that engages and captivates me.