My journey from being a curious child to becoming a part of a curious organization

John Kim A resident of River ridge, New Jersey, John holds a Diploma in Information Technology and Informatics. Working as an Associate with Infosys in Hartford, John has successfully finished his training in Full Stack Development (Java), and is now aligned to a team to serve clients through ServiceNow.

I was all of nine years old when I had my very first encounter with a computer. It was when my dad introduced me to a game called “Doom”, on his personal computer. Even at that age, it amazed me that a glass screen can produce so much activity and entertainment, and keep me captivated for hours on end. I was immediately hooked to the world of technology (even though “Doom” was quite a scary game).

Ever since, I developed a curiosity about everything related to computers and my interests made me gravitate towards technology. This led me to take a wide range of courses throughout high school and college which included animation, illustration, web design, technology management, and software development.

Infosys happened to me by pure chance. At the University’s career fair, I was introduced to the HR representative of Infosys by a friend. After my interaction, I realized that this company – with its open culture ethos and always-on learning, was exactly what I was looking for. It provided me an entrance to a software development career, while also providing a very reputable and qualified training in software development. I was fortunate to get offered a position post-graduation and made the decision to join the Hartford hub family.

I joined Infosys on August 27th to be a part of the team an as an Associate and help support the company’s clients in their digital journeys. One of the greatest benefits of the culture at Infosys is that it promotes self-learning throughout your preparation. When you are assigned a project or an assignment, you are encouraged to constantly refine your skills in the required technologies and methodologies for the project. However, there is also no shortage of mentors and leaders who offer their help whenever needed.

There is also no dearth of learning platforms that are a part of the deeply collaborative culture of the organization. A great example is a learning platform like “Lex”, which has extensive courses that offer quality education to motivated learners. I’ve enjoyed the relaxed and collaborative environment the tech hub provides, and it’s been a pleasure to prepare myself for my upcoming project.

My interest in software development stemmed from simple curiosity, but I am looking forward to developing my career here at Infosys and playing a part in developing the innovations of tomorrow.