Learning, Un-learning and Navigating, With Infosys

Wah Jian Lin A Branford, Connecticut resident, and a computer science major, Lin is a proud member of Infosys Hartford team. Lin would be in a project for Assurant, in his capacity as an Associate.

I clearly remember my initial coding days. It all started when I was in high school. My school provided a game design coding class, and that is what marked the beginning of what was to be my lifelong love of computer science. I ran into many coding issues that stumped me, but I really enjoyed tackling each issue and eventually solving it. My teacher who took the coding class once told me that coding is like problem solving, just like solving a puzzle, and those words stayed with me.

Even today, I love the satisfaction of solving each issue, no matter how small, that comes up. Sure, it can be frustrating, but that means that when I do find a solution, it will be that much more satisfying. When I look back, it was mostly thanks to my computer science class that I fell in love with the subject and decided on majoring in it at UConn.

I joined Infosys in August 2018, after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a major in computer science and a minor in business analytics. One of the aspects of computer science that I enjoy greatly is that I need to utilize my logical skills in order to complete the tasks and solve coding problems – and that is something that I am getting to practice hands-on in my work at Infosys.

The one thing that I believe makes any workplace great is the learning and mentorship it can provide to its employees. Infosys has provided us with an environment that is conducive for me to not only further develop my coding skills, but also to constantly put my skills to test by solving some of the most complex problems for our clients.

I really enjoyed my training period where I started on my journey of acquiring new skills and boosting the ones I was already practicing. Infosys has also provided me with many resources to further my knowledge whenever I want, and the deeply collaborative environment encourages learning. Perhaps the best part is that the people I work around are amazingly smart and just great to be around. I have recently joined a team and I am excited to begin working on projects that make a difference to my clients and my organization.