A year in the making.

Cha'Sed Miller Cha'Sed is a senior associate at Infosys. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Games and Programming Skills from St. Andrews University.

Starting a couple weeks before the inauguration of the Infosys Innovation Hub at Raleigh, I was among the first to see our hub before practically anyone else did. Sheetrock was still being put up, Ethernet cables hanging from the ceiling and conference rooms were still without any walls. And here we were tasked with re-creating a demonstration that we were to be showcasing to guests and VIPs a few weeks down. With only a handful of employees we all got started on training, learning and building these demonstrations. We were all nervous but also very excited for what we were told would be the biggest day of the year for us here at the Raleigh Innovation Hub. The big day did come. I remember getting to office early to listen to our President Ravi Kumar address us all on the third floor, telling us who Infosys is and what it’s all about to work for this amazing company. The rest of the day was a blur running around making sure everything was being done, guests and VIPs had all the info they needed as well as networking with fellow Infoscions and guests.

Year 0 (August 2018 – December2018):

After the inauguration we just went into hyper drive with client visits, projects and new teams popping up overnight. Every week we would have anywhere from 2-5 clients coming, sometimes multiple clients on the same day. We were the new kids on the block and everyone wanted to see what was going on. Within the year we had 40+ client visits. During this time I was allocated to CiSec (Cyber Security) in preparation for the SOC (Security Operations Center) that Infosys was opening on the third floor. We were doing hours of training and learning in order to hone our skills for the day when clients would be coming to us for CiSec work.

Year 1 (January 2019 – Present):

This year has been an unbelievable year for me so far at Infosys. I have been added to the iCETS team (Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions), which means that every day at work I get to learn and build with new technologies that I could never have dreamed of anything better for myself. When I joined the team I was told that iCETS was one big family and they were right. I have the resources and the people around me to build and learn every single day as well as a steady stream of client projects to keep me excited. The office is full of associates working for multiple clients, the third floor is under construction for clients to have a secure work space for their teams. We have multiple clubs that are starting to hold events office or out of office such as the yoga club, women in tech, physical fitness, hublife and etc…. It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to work with this company during this massive expansion.

And it’s already our first anniversary here! Happy birthday to us all here at Raleigh!