Get the Job Done. Hire a Vet.

Ian Co Ian is a military veteran who has joined us in the talent acquisition team.

I understand people like Josh Crowell. As a recent graduate and former member of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, he knows what is expected of him. He’s expected to be disciplined, to persevere, to serve as a role model. He’s expected to do the right thing even when no one is watching.

People like Josh Crowell aren’t afraid to work hard. They take the lead when no one else will. They’re highly skilled and are good at what they do because, simply put, they can’t afford not to. When someone like Josh Crowell comes across my desk as a candidate for a position at Infosys, I instantly feel a connection with him or her. I know what it took for them to become who they are today—and it wasn’t easy.

I know, because I’m a veteran too.

I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy attached to a Marine Unit; a Petty Officer 3rd Class assigned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina under the 2nd Medical Battalion, Alpha Company.

As a Corpsman I performed preventative care duties, treated diseases and provided medical care to sailors and their families, not to mention advance emergency medicine and fundamentals of Marine Corps life, while emphasizing physical conditioning, small arms familiarity and battlefield tactics. I joined the military to find my purpose in life. I knew I was going to come out changed by the experience. I welcomed it. But I had no idea just how much.

If it’s two principles I apply from my time on active duty to my job as a campus recruiter, it’s discipline and leadership. In the military, we’re trained to be meticulous in everything we do. We had to be. One unnoticed detail can spell disaster and lives literally hung in the balance. Planning’s been ingrained into my DNA. I never tackle any task without a clear strategy.

To me, leadership is more than issuing orders. It’s about holding yourself accountable to your employees, teaching and caring for them. They depend on you to be an example; to do the right thing, always. An ideal candidate knows and embodies this quality.

I hire veterans not just because I am one, but because I can tell you from experience that they’re motivated and resilient in everything they do. Their work ethic and attention to detail are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. They know how to dedicate themselves to a task and see it to completion of the highest degree of satisfaction. They couldn’t do it any other way, even if they tried. This is what I saw in Josh and it’s why he was offered an Associate position at Infosys.

And Infosys is a company that truly values its veterans. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I applied through LinkedIn for my current position as a campus recruiter. They saw that I was older than the other candidates. Despite that, they didn’t discriminate and made me feel valued for what I could bring to the company. They saw that I was trained in different software during my time in the military and wanted to see me grow. I wanted to grow, too. I had offers at five other companies at the time, but I took the one at Infosys because of their commitment to giving back to the community; to helping servicemen and women get back to civilian life.

Technology is all around us and it’s ever-changing. What we do here at Infosys literally shapes our future. At Infosys, candidates will learn 20 different technologies and be exposed to 10 different market segments, not to mention endless opportunities to grow in your career. Infosys is a place where veterans can cultivate and enhance the leadership qualities they’ve gained in the military. We recognize the hard work veterans have put in for our country. We know what they’re capable of and that they can handle the challenging projects here. They have what it takes to make a difference for our clients and charge forward with what’s next in tech.

Veterans help veterans. If you’re pursuing a career in tech, a position at Infosys might be for you. Apply