Infosys Journey

Cha’sed Miller Cha’sed Miller works with us at Raleigh as an Associate software developer. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Gaming and Programming Skills

Everyone in this industry has a story about why they chose this line of work and why they do what they do. An early inspiration. A natural inclination. A dream for some, Mine on the other hand came to be by the people that I met along the way. In college, I started out as a chemistry major with the dream to become a chemist, but that quickly changed thanks to a professor that I met freshman year. He was far less severe but had more passion for his craft than anybody I have ever met. He taught me to look at technology differently. He showed me how technology also has a beautiful artistic side to it. How technology allows you to express yourself in a multitude of different ways. To make the things that others have only just begun to dream of.

Growing up, I was always into technology. I was always using some sort of technology whether it be a PC or a Gameboy. Slowly I started to see how technology is not just something to consume but something to create with, to make with. And when I was introduced to developing and designing with technology, I ran with it and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Navigate your next

The motto here at Infosys is “Navigate Your Next”. Something we hold very dear and follow in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. It’s the promise we make to our clients. To help them see the future and prepare themselves for it through technology execution. “Navigate your next” is something that will stick with me every step of my career. I will always be thinking about what the horizon looks like, how I will get there in an agile manner, taking my clients along with me, and jumping over every obstacle on my way. With Infosys I truly believe I will be able to achieve that with the resources, tools and opportunities that are set in front of me. Since the day I joined - October 16th, 2017 - I have been trained on multiple \computer languages and most importantly worked with some great minds in an environment where one is unafraid to sometimes fail but to always learn from it. In fact, I am learning something new from everyone that I work with. Recently, I have also been given the opportunity to work with augmented reality and machine learning for a project that I am truly excited about, and I am amazed at the progress I have been able to make. I am learning by doing – as are my colleagues and the best part of it all is this learning never stops!

And I get to do it with my Raleigh family

The community that Infosys has created spans all over the world, but the part of that family that is being created in Raleigh is growing stronger by the day. I have stepped up and volunteered to lead the recreational team here in Raleigh. I believe that’s how a family works - strongly relying on nurturing a culture where we help each other learn, grow and have fun together while strengthening the bonds that keep us together. And I am already seeing this happen around me - whether you were hired just last week or have been with the company for years, every Infoscion feels a part of this wonderful family.

This is where we draw strength from to then take on the challenges that our clients present to us. Because each of us knows we are not alone but have all of Infosys – so many like-minded, bright people – backing us up every step of the way. So we can navigate not just our client’s next. But also navigate our own next. Together.