Digital is Taking Flight at Infosys Technology and Innovation Hub in Raleigh

Deverre Lierman Deverre Lierman is the Head of US Delivery in the SE Region and the RTP Innovation and Delivery Hub at Raleigh.

The past three months have been a wild ride. I joined Infosys as the Head of the Raleigh Technology and Innovation Hub after 25 years helping companies navigate their digital transformations. What excites me most about joining Infosys isn’t just the chance to work with some of the area’s renown companies or even building an operation from the ground up. Rather, it’s the opportunity to have a real impact on the Raleigh community by cultivating the workforce of tomorrow right here at home.

Today, we got to celebrate a major milestone along that journey: the inauguration and formal opening of our offices in Raleigh. When we first moved into the building, let’s just say things were still a work in progress. We had desks, an internet connection, and a coffee machine, but that was about it. Over the past few months, it’s been amazing to watch it transform into a state-of-the-art, interactive space that will serve both our clients and our team well. I enjoyed celebrating with my colleagues today, but I’m even more excited for what’s to come.

The opening of the Hub in Raleigh is all about doing things differently to better serve Infosys’ clients, which means recruiting and training a local workforce. Our ongoing campaign to Boost American Innovation has committed to creating 10,000 American jobs—2,000 of which will be right here in North Carolina.

After starting with Infosys, all new Associates receive eight–twelve weeks of intensive training before diving head first into some of our most exciting and challenging work. We are also partnering with the North Carolina Community College system to create a new pipeline between a community college degree and a high-paying, local job. As part of the partnership, we have welcomed several students from Wake Technical Community College to the Infosys family, and we’re looking forward to deepening our relationship in the future.

Doing things differently also means rethinking the way we work with our clients. Having a physical space right down the road from so many great companies is truly a game changer. As a DevOps and Agile evangelist, I’m passionate about transforming the way we tackle large digital projects. Now our clients will be able to co-locate and co-create in our offices and see what it’s like to work in an agile environment before we even kick off a project! Not to mention, we developed several labs where clients can explore the applications of different technologies—whether it’s using virtual reality to train the next generation of aircraft mechanics or artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to reduce supply chain costs. The Hub is a place for them to get outside their four walls, learn, and join us in thinking about navigating their next innovations.

What we’re building in North Carolina is special and exactly what I was hoping to do when I first joined Infosys: work with clients on business-critical projects that differentiate them in the marketplace while building a diverse and inclusive team of people committed to the local community. I can’t wait to see where this take us!