My Experience as an Experience Designer at Infosys

Amber Czesnolowicz Amber is an Experience Designer who has joined us from the Rhode Island School of Design and has a keen interest in visual storytelling

From a young age, the realms of design and technology maintained as a crucial point of curiosity for me. It was the interest of using my hands to be creative and producing work that gave me the greatest satisfaction. From my fascination of the inner workings of simple mechanical objects to more complex processing systems that currently support the extensive reaches of the internet, through the years, I had developed a keen interest in combining these two passions into a single career, in which I had found at Infosys as an Experience Designer.

When I first interviewed for this position, I deeply appreciated that Infosys highly values curiosity and learning. Education is a core value to me, and I deeply believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, not just a four-year commitment. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Illustration, I wanted to utilize my passion for storytelling and visual narratives to enter the world of user experience. Thanks to Infosys, I was granted the opportunity to infuse my visual design background with my desire to simply lives through simplified digital interfaces.

What attracted me to field of user experience, was the idea that technology can be inclusive and relatable. I loved the prospect of redesigning digital platforms to be user friendly, and the idea of transforming old or antiquated technology and redesigning it to be more efficient for the user was highly appealing. Taking personal experience from years of interacting with computer programs that could be infuriatingly complex, I naturally adopted an attitude and appreciation for simple, efficiently designed web-based platforms. Thanks to Infosys, I am now in a position to take inspirations from my frustrations and create more simplified and user-friendly digital platforms.