A New Take on a Fresh Start

Timothy Grossman Timothy Grossman is a Senior Designer who has joined our team in Providence.

Design and technology have been central parts of my life since as long as I can remember. My first computer was the colorful iMac G3, and I was obsessed with the innovation that lead to such a beautiful intersection of hardware and software. When the iPod came out, I realized the value of considering software as a system and making technology feel more human. This led me through a long and exhilarating design education, ultimately resulting in joining the second cohort of Infosys’ new design branch in Providence, Rhode Island.

My coworkers have been an incredible inspiration for me as we work through the ambiguity inherent in creating a new design practice. We come from diverse backgrounds, which give us different perspectives to approach each problem we face. Each of us has our own unique set of skills, and as we learn more about one another, we’ve learned how to create more efficient teams for specific challenges.

Through everything we’ve been together, my cohort and I have become close. We’re able to trust one another in times of stress thanks to what we’ve accomplished together. An important part of this was the training we underwent with RISD. The intense lesson plan, and difficult concepts of complexity and systems that we were digesting at such a fast pace was challenging for even the most accomplished systems thinkers among us. We worked in teams with each other, and learned what roles we fit well in amongst ourselves.

Starting a new design branch is a monumental task that Infosys has decided to undertake here in Providence. It’s a challenge for each contributor, designers to managers to executives. We are all searching for where we fit in personally, building the work culture of our branch, figuring out where we fit into Infosys as a whole, and learning our place within the competitive market. However, instead of seeing this as an insurmountable challenge, I can’t help but see it as a remarkable opportunity, thanks to the support of my brilliant bosses, wise instructors, and fearless coworkers.