The start of something great

Neftalí Torres Neftalí Torres is a Senior Designer who has recently joined our team in Providence.

Coming to Infosys was a pivotal moment in my life. It altered the way I see both my role and capabilities as a visual designer. Upon entering the RISD program (a pre-requisite to full employment in the Providence Design Hub), I came in with a solid definition of what I do and where I want to be. As I explored the mind-crushing activities and exercises put on by RISD professors, I quickly noticed that there was much to learn. They helped me realize that your thoughts can become deluded and shifted by social stigmas, norms, social contracts, etc. Also, that you need to actively pursue a way of thinking where every angle and every perspective are vigorously explored with an unbiased approach. It’s in that deep exploration of a problem that allows you to come to what we call an “opportunity for innovation”. This program was needed to break the normalities that people can easily fall into. Infosys saw this needed opportunity for growth and acted on it. I’m excited to move forward because it seems that Infosys has a new found love with design and is taking strides to become the best at design thinking. That, along with their broad capabilities on the technology side, will make them a big juggernaut that will quickly have a large effect on many industries.