I am an #InfySuperStar

It is not long ago, I walked into Infosys with the excitement of a new job along with a bit of apprehension about the unknowns. I have come a long way since then – and have also been chosen to be promoted so early in my Infosys career. I am an InfySuperStar - I am proud of all that I am doing and learning a whole lot more than I ever imagined I could!

Perhaps the most valuable learning for me is that most of the things that we think as our limits are actually delusions. We are confined only by the walls we build around ourselves – sometimes unconsciously. Yes, getting out of our comfort zones can be so hard, but is one of the most freeing things to do. I want to help others walk the path that I am walking. So, go ahead, ask me all you need to know about being an #InfySuperStar!