Powering Digital Transformation in Uncertain Times

The past two years have seen a dramatic increase in the speed at which digital is fundamentally changing business. Now customers, the workforce, and value-chain partners have all enhanced their embrace of technology, lowering the barriers to digital disruption even further. To respond to these conditions, businesses are executing on a well-calibrated dual-pronged digital strategy. On the one hand, they are leaning on smart automation and data analytics to bring breakthrough efficiencies through the digitalization of their current business. Simultaneously, digital is also paving a way for their accelerated growth and deeper differentiation. Cloud plays a significant role in not just driving but also scaling this agenda. Companies are putting in place a solid cloud foundation to reap benefits in the form of acceleration in the pace of new capability adoption and reduction in operation costs over the long term.

Most significantly, the success of digital transformation is determined by a factor outside of technology – leadership. Digital transformation is now topmost on the agendas of corporate boards and has risen to the top of CEOs’ strategic plans. Visionary CEOs are taking on the role of powering massive organizational change that is unprecedented in the history of information technology.

Tune in to Salil Parekh, CEO – Infosys, as he shares, at the WSJ CEO Summit, insights about the digital transformation engines that the world’s top companies are building.

The pace and degree of disruption can vary greatly from one established company to another, and even among the businesses in a company’s portfolio.

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