A leading manufacturer of standardized as well as custom-built commercial, defense and space exploration aircraft and security systems.

The enterprise wanted to leverage emerging technologies to boost the efficiency of aircraft and support services, and comply with regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Key Challenges

  • Inability to undertake proactive aircraft maintenance service
  • Long timeframes to distill customer feedback and asset performance data

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The Solution

Component reliability performance analytics detects emerging issues and triggers remedial action

Infosys implemented a data solution to assimilate aircraft performance reports, customer complaints, and maintenance records across models. We identified recurrent operational issues and component malfunctions.

Infosys created an alert tool that empowers engineers to detect performance issues at the part level and mitigate risks through timely implementation of corrective measures. In addition, it helps the manufacturer analyze the cause(s) of failure from various perspectives.

Significantly, our solution addresses FAA requirements for Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Systems (CASS) to ensure airworthiness.

Statistical reliability analysis addresses statutory requirements for aircraft health monitoring

  • Analytical module provides insights into the cause of part failure, flight interruption, and other events
  • Java interface helps engineers better understand data
  • Intuitive dashboard helps track compliance with aviation safety programs


Our experts implemented an alert mechanism for

Early identification of aircraft / component-level design, production and maintenance issues

Early identification of aircraft / component-level design, production and maintenance issues

Minimizing flight schedule interruptions

Minimizing flight schedule interruptions