A global aircraft manufacturer sought an advanced motor drive module to drive the vacuum generator as well as air compressor in commercial aircraft.

Infosys proposed a variable frequency motor drive to ensure that the module performs even during a power interruption or outage.

Key Challenges

  • Ensure the reliability of motor drive performance during power shutdowns
  • Maintain a consistently high level of performance of the vacuum generator and air compressor

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The Solution

Motor drive ensures business-as-usual during power outages

Infosys designed the motor drive firmware module using variable frequency motor drive. Our team defined functional requirements based on motor electric rating, steady state performance, and cycles of operation.

Our team devised a power interruption management mechanism using long and short categorization, while fault detection and control was managed with in-built tests.

Motor drive module ensures continuity during power failure

  • Motor drive firmware performed even during power outages
  • The new module complied with DO-178C airworthiness guidelines for airborne systems
  • Reliability of the motor enhances performance of the vacuum generator and air compressor


Infosys developed a robust motor drive firmware module ensuring

  • High vacuum generator and air compressor availability
  • Management of critical functions during power shutdowns without functional and business impact