The Infosys Aerospace and Defense practice implements ‘connected’ cabin systems to better serve passengers, crew, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers. Our template-based design approach accelerates installation of monuments, including dividers, stowages and galleys. We use digital tools to design a bespoke cabin environment, and assemble a state-of-the-art passenger service unit through mechanical, electrical and avionics synergies.

Our digital ecosystem optimizes the cabin layout for safety equipment, power, data ports, valves, return air duct, and flush control systems in commercial and military aircraft. Further, it facilitates cabin upgrade and refurbishment with minimal effect on adjoining monuments or structural provisions.

Modular designs minimize the effort and turnaround time to customize cabins and entertainment systems. Our team focuses on minimizing boarding time and simplifying baggage handling while designing the cabin layout. We develop interfaces for Internet of Things (IoT) devices for automated control of the cabin environment and engineering solutions.

Infosys leverages immersive technologies to enhance the interior design of cabin systems, in-flight entertainment as well as the passenger experience. Our expertise spans the multimedia infotainment content lifecycle. Out tools for meta-tagging and annotation enrich in-flight entertainment by simplifying search and navigation through 3D graphics, live maps, video streams, music, games, and other on-demand content and entertainment options.


Challenges & Solutions

Software-based design solutions facilitate changes to aircraft cabin configuration while maximizing reusability of core design elements.

Digital cabin management systems allow the crew to preset cabin lighting, temperature and entertainment systems based on insights into passenger needs and preferences.

In-cabin control panels with intuitive display and seamless onboard connectivity enable passengers to access content across devices.