How AI is Causing Disruption at 35,000 feet

The aviation business is witnessing green shoots in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global economic recovery may also renew demand for freighter jets. Manufacturers need to respond by accelerating delivery of pending orders and gearing up for a spike in orders across commercial, freight and defense aircraft. At the same time, manufacturers must be cognizant about reducing carbon emissions to fulfil the pledge for climate-friendly transportation at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

In this article published in French tier-one Journal du Net, Ruchir Budhwar, SVP and Industry Head – Europe, Infosys, explains that the catalysts for the revival of aviation lie in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related sub-domains such as Machine Learning (ML), computer vision, predictive analytics, and 3D printing. Advanced technologies help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) achieve several goals: enhance flight efficiency, improve operational performance and throughput, boost quality, maximize capacity utilization, clear order backlogs, and decrease carbon emissions. Cloud infrastructure augments technology adoption and accelerates automation by integrating AI-driven solutions into core processes.

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