Nutrien Portal Enhances Team Collaboration Across Borders

Nutrien, the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, has 25,000 employees in production units and retail centers globally. Inorganic growth resulted in disparate working groups and IT systems. Nutrien implemented ‘geo’, a portal to unify the global workforce and enhance employee collaboration.

In, Megan Fielding, vice president of brand and culture communications at Nutrien, shares how the new intranet platform enhances team dynamics by connecting employees across locations and business units.

The portal designed and developed by Infosys helps Nutrien deepen collaboration on a global scale.

Infosys adopted a persona-based approach to implement the platform for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. It fosters community development while meeting the needs of employees in their preferred language.

Automated content management, intuitive navigation, responsive design, and language translation-enabled search accelerated the adoption of ‘geo’. Significantly, Infosys incorporated traffic analytics and robust security features to enhance the portal solution.


Nutrien: Bringing Together A Global Workforce With A Smarter, Inclusive Intranet

Published with permission of Forbes