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Environment, Health and Safety

Your agriculture enterprise should safeguard the health and safety of personnel at the farm while ensuring the sustainability of the farmland. Farmers need to use natural resources responsibly as well as mitigate risks during farming operations.

The Infosys Agriculture practice offers sustainability solutions to minimize the social and environmental footprint of food production. We provide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) solutions to ensure safe farming, maintain industrial hygiene, and comply with regulations for occupational health and environmental protection.

We help agricultural enterprises implement wireless technology, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and wearable computing devices to improve safety in farming operations. Our learning solutions create awareness and accelerate adoption of sustainable practices for safe storage and use of chemicals, and proper disposal of hazardous waste materials. Training ensures correct techniques are used to enter grain bins and handle farm equipment as well as livestock. Our EHS services rationalize insurance cover while enhancing your agro-ecosystem.

Infosys is among the top 25 performers of the Caring for Climate Initiative convened by the UN Global Compact, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and UN Environment Program. We develop green IT solutions to achieve goals of the initiative: water sustainability, and energy and food security.

Environment, Health and Safety

Infosys advantage

  • Sustainability reporting solution incorporates out-of-the-box key performance indicator dashboard and libraries to assess and report environmental, social and economic metrics
  • Sophisticated tools forecast fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and modeling systems simulate and analyze performance scenarios
  • Experience in developing EHS academies and certification portals for sustainability management
  • Expertise in supply chain traceability solutions using shared ledger technology




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