The Infosys Agriculture practice offers digital supply chain solutions for the smooth flow of input, products and information across your enterprise. We combine machine learning algorithms with operational and geospatial data to create self-adaptive food supply chains. Simulation and autonomous learning provide advanced systems to manage food safety regulations. Our Industrial Internet of Things systems, designed for ‘smart’ manufacturing, work to streamline asset management and energy consumption.

We modernize your agricultural supply chain by integrating discrete parts across the crop lifecycle. Supply chain visibility and traceability systems establish best practices, and address sustainability requirements including land and labor rights. A synchronized agricultural supply chain helps farms and food enterprises minimize waste and inventory costs. In addition, real-time supply chain data facilitates integrated resource planning to respond to food trends.

Our cloud-based solutions for machine-to-machine connectivity management ensure data integrity and cyber security.

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Infosys digital supply chain footprint

Digital Supply Chain

Challenges & Solutions

Collaboration tools engage stakeholders, including input suppliers, food processors, distribution channel partners, regulators, transporters, export houses, packaging units, procurement companies, and commodity traders.

Mobile-enabled applications with configurable widgets support remote operations, incident management, route optimization, and campaign management.

Interoperability between heterogeneous physical and digital systems, and devices address supply chain requirements of perishable goods.

Industry 4.0 ecosystem for food processing improves operational efficiency and minimizes downtime by predicting equipment fault and maintenance schedules.