The Infosys Agriculture practice offers commodity trading and risk management solutions to manage inventory and financial positions across commodities, markets and currencies. We help agribusiness enterprises, procurement agencies, and commodity traders/brokers manage their portfolio better and make informed decisions. Our solutions span the commodities trading landscape, support front, mid and back office; and comply with accounting standards as well as taxation laws.

Our team of data scientists and certified operations specialists integrate real-time data from the field and warehouse to accurately determine costs based on the quality of produce, storage period and logistics expenditure. Analytical models use forecasts of market demand and supply, operating margins and aggregated risk profile for pricing of forward contracts. Real-time insights into positions and exposure shape-hedging strategies, and enable statutory compliance in trading of agricultural commodities.

We analyze data across the agribusiness chain to facilitate logistics operations and trade execution.

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Infosys commodity trading and risk management footprint

Commodity Trading and Risk Management

Challenges & Solutions

Agriculture ‘market connect’ capability refines procurement strategies and enhances the efficiency of field staff.

Trade finance platform provides a consolidated view of enterprise risks, including market, credit, operational, and liquidity risk.

The Infosys Risk Center of Excellence (CoE) combines domain knowledge with technology expertise to manage enterprise risks.

Data aggregator integrates data across regions, legal entities, commodities, and exchanges.

Robotic process automation eliminates manual rule-based processes across trading and settlement.