The Infosys Agriculture practice helps food producers, processors, distributors, and warehouses prevent contamination and wastage of fresh and processed products. We implement a sensor network to monitor the condition and quality of food on retail shelves, during processing and in transit. It automates reporting of parameters such as location, temperature and shipping time. Moreover, it triggers an alert mechanism when the environmental condition of a unit / batch of perishable products deviates from the norm.

Our farm-to-fork traceability solutions minimize delay in food shipments and isolate the source in the event of a safety issue. We implement compliance and governance frameworks to address operational requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This prevents physical, chemical and biological contamination, enhances the reliability of cold chains, and facilitates statutory audits. Digital systems ensure data integrity and validate compliance with food safety standards in real time.

Our digital solutions ensure food safety while providing an audit trail.

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Infosys food safety footprint

Food Safety

Challenges & Solutions

Deep understanding of food and beverage safety laws, including Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Expertise in food traceability systems such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips, Quick Response (QR) codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags.

Experience in distributed ledger technology to create a unified cryptographic record of each product, including farmer, product / animal, processor / manufacturing unit, quality certificates, payment, and transaction history.

Team of food science professionals and data scientists uses enterprise as well as third-party data in fresh and processed product lines to identify risks for mitigation strategies.