The Infosys Agriculture practice offers bespoke warehouse management solutions to preserve nutritional value while minimizing the loss of perishable produce. We help growers and warehouse operators increase food availability by preventing post-harvest decay / diseases caused by fungi and insects. Continuous monitoring of ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity and oxygen enables preemptive action from remote locations.

Infosys combines automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics to ensure safe handling and storage of agricultural produce. Simulation tools evaluate biological variation in products (texture, shape and quality) due to changes in moisture content of the product and / or storage conditions. We use data from grain moisture sensors to assess grain hardness and bulk density. It is integrated with historical field information to predict the optimal storage period.

Our automation solutions calibrate and maintain product-specific equilibrium for storage / food processing.

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Infosys warehouse management footprint

Warehouse Management

Challenges & Solutions

Team of experts with technical expertise in storage infrastructure, including multi-tier racks, metallic silos and protocols for cold / refrigerated storage.

Real-time alert mechanism notifies stakeholders about sub-optimal storage conditions.

Advanced data management ensures product traceability within and beyond the warehouse.