AgTech Ensures Sustainability

Food security for the growing global population demands sustained growth in farm productivity and crop yield. At the same time, sustainable agricultural practices are imperative to ensure food safety and rationalize the use of natural resources in agribusiness.

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & Global Head, Utilities, Resources, and Energy, Infosys, discusses how agtech establishes a digital ecosystem to address challenges and achieve goals. Ashiss shares the impact of digital technologies on the agriculture value chain:

  • Data-driven precision farming rationalizes resource utilization and optimizes the ecological footprint.
  • Autonomous equipment enhances farming efficacy as well as productivity, minimizes energy consumption, and reduces costs.
  • IoT sensors for remote sensing and real-time monitoring of crops enable timely interventions to maximize yield.
  • Real-time analytics and predictive algorithms facilitate informed decision making in agriculture practices and resources management.
  • Digital solutions to monitor and maintain crop-specific storage conditions reduce waste.
  • AI / ML models forecast demand, boost supply chain resilience, and optimize inventory.
  • Digital marketplaces and price discovery platforms maximize revenue realization.

In addition, Ashiss makes a case for a collaborative approach to realize the potential of digital agriculture. He highlights our IP cloud platforms for sustainable farming, including Infosys Smart Agriculture and Infosys Cobalt for Agri-Chem.

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