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Infosys – Aetna's trusted IT partner for more than a decade

The client

Aetna is one of the leading diversified healthcare benefits companies in the U.S., serving members with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their healthcare. The total medical membership is around 19 million and dental membership is 14 million. 2009 Aetna revenue is $34.6 billion.

Infosys-Aetna partnership

Aetna is committed to providing best healthcare to its members. With our decade-long association with Aetna, Infosys teams are an integral part of the Aetna Information Services team. Throughout the ten-year partnership, Infosys has focused on providing best-in-class domain and technology solutions, achieving client delight and delivery excellence, developing business, building strong relationships at all levels, and practicing people engagement.

Infosys has played a significant role in Aetna's journey, working alongside Aetna during the last couple of years. As a strategic partner to Aetna, Infosys provides a wide range of services ranging from business consulting, application development, validation and testing services, systems integration, program management, requirements management, architecture services, maintenance, enterprise solutions services, and business process outsourcing.

The Infosys expertise across applications

Infosys has experience in more than 90% of Aetna domains and applications. Infosys provides a considerable proportion of Aetna's IT delivery capacity and operates from multiple locations, both domestically and globally. The partnership draws upon the expertise of Infosys in the healthcare domain, technical expertise and innovative solutions, and processes to support complex and business-critical engagements. Some of the key engagements are listed below:

  • Integrated release program for the final preparation of the strategic platform in order to begin migration of all commercial HMO business to products
  • Medical management initiatives to build enhanced plan sponsor reporting and analytics capabilities for Aetna's disease management, case management and wellness programs. Infosys is involved in most of the domains across the enterprise
  • Multi-year programs with focus on enhancing the applications within a member domain, thereby building a more scalable suite of applications. Infosys is involved in most of the domains across Aetna
  • Infosys was involved in ICD 9/10 systems conversion assessment. Aetna is currently reviewing the reports and the solution phase is going to start soon
Partnership successes

Over the course of years, Infosys has delivered services to Aetna, covering multiple business process areas while the relationship has evolved from that of a transactional "vendor-client" mode to that of a trusted strategic partner.

Some of the success stories from this partnership are highlighted below:

  • Infosys played a key role in enhancing Aetna's claims system that resulted in auto-adjudication rate improvement by double digits to provide volume scalability and operational cost saving
  • Infosys partnered with Aetna in technology migration to .NET and using SOA to allow IT systems to be scaled at lower costs
  • Infosys provided business analysts scalability by augmenting the IT department and preparing domain training material to reduce knowledge transfer costs
  • Being an integral part of the operations, Infosys had built a pool of subject matter experts, who are being utilized as business analysts. This helped Aetna scale from a smaller team to rapidly accommodate projects from business users
  • Infosys supported Aetna in the development of a management information system that helped reduce the time taken to tabulate and make available financial information in as few as 12 days, and provide a detailed drill-down capability to analyze data and pinpoint problems
  • Infosys has partnered with Aetna to provide integrated sales support for its RFP process


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