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Hospital Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle Collaboration

Infosys’ Hospital Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle Collaboration solution provides visibility into cost data by integrating data across three major functions at provider organizations – purchasing and supply chain, clinical management and the revenue department.

The solution is based on Hospital Performance Management Analysis Framework from Infosys. It helps stakeholders with real-time alerts on payer reimbursement trends, claim denials and supply utilization trends to reduce cost and improve reimbursement.


Real-time Alerts and Diagnostics

Our solution is equipped with a user-friendly Business Intelligence reporting application. It provides on-demand historical, real-time and predictive reports. The application extracts relevant details from charge description master and item master enabling better decision making.

Clinical/Physician Dashboard

360° Collaborative Dashboard
Providers have to address obsolete payer contracts that are not based on current costs, resulting in reimbursement rates that are lower than supply cost. Our collaborative dashboard helps connect the nodes of cost, treatment and reimbursement.

The seamless information integration across the supply chain and healthcare revenue cycle functions provide real-time analysis to negotiate better supply costs, drive physician buy-in to select supply alternatives that are reimbursed and keep payer contracts updated.

Flexible Role-based Dashboards
Role-based performance management dashboards deliver a real-time overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on cost containment - from purchasing and supply chain to case management - empowering each participant to monitor and take decisions proactively.


CEO, CFOSingle point visibility into costs, utilization and revenues
Supply Chain DirectorVisibility into supply utilization, reimbursement and denials, tools for cost negotiations
PhysicianReal-time utilization review, supply alternatives, reimbursement alerts and denials
Case ManagersClinical outcomes with optimal cost, practice evidence-based utilization
Revenue departmentPayer contract negotiation based on actual costs and CMI data
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