Infosys Healthcare Interoperability Center of Excellence (CoE) empowers health entities by driving innovation through interoperability expertise. It offers comprehensive solutions and expertise to navigate the intricate world of healthcare data exchange.

We help bridge fragmented data landscape through fluency in HL7, FHIR, CDA, and CCD, while ensuring data harmony with expertise in ICD, CPT, and DICOM.

Partnering with technology providers at the forefront of cloud and API development, Infosys CoE offers a comprehensive orchestra of services: crafting interoperability strategy, building secure APIs, managing data repositories, ensuring data integrity, and continuously optimizing health ecosystem.

Infosys Healthcare Interoperability Center of Excellence

Offering a comprehensive solutions and expertise to navigate the intricate world of healthcare data exchange

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Infosys unlocks the transformative power of interoperability with FHIR expertise. Our comprehensive solutions help unlock seamless data exchange, empowering clients to navigate complex regulations, streamline workflows, and gain critical real-time insights. Enhance patient care and improve efficiency with our secure APIs, robust data management, and cloud solutions. Leverage our pre-built solutions and cloud infrastructure to accelerate implementation and reduce costs. Our experienced team and proven track record guarantee a successful, cost-effective implementation. Partner with Infosys to break down data silos and drive a connected, patient-centric future in healthcare.

Our Interoperability Accelerators turbocharge your journey to delivery excellence. Infosys boasts flexible solutions assets and cloud-based infrastructure that tackles changing regulations and industry demands effortlessly. Our pre-built information grid, reference architectures and pre-mapped data models significantly reduce deployment times and optimize IT costs. Our FHIR Testing Platform guarantees data integrity and simplifies compliance. iFHIR by Infosys is a one-stop shop for FHIR API validation with powerful tools for testing, performance, data, and cloud execution.


Challenges & Solutions

Implementing standardized data formats like FHIR and promoting the adoption of common terminologies like ICD, CPT and SNOMED allows for consistent data representation and seamless information exchange.

Leveraging interoperable solutions with built-in compliance features can ease the process and ensure adherence to regulatory mandates.

Utilizing cloud-based solutions, existing interoperability frameworks and pre-built integrations can reduce development time and resource requirements.