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Clinical trials are a critical phase in the long and complex drug development lifecycle. Although several pharmaceutical companies use SAP for commercial supply chains, they are often unable to effectively leverage it for clinical trial supply management (CTSM). Drug makers need an efficient supply chain with an effective IT infrastructure to meet their clinical trial goals. These may include accurate and timely supply of drugs to patient sites at optimum cost, while ensuring compliance with regulations and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Some unique challenges posed by the clinical trials process includes:

  • Lack of visibility at all levels in the supply chain
  • Uncertain and frequently changing demand
  • Specialized packing and labeling to facilitate randomization and blinding
  • Delay in decision-making due to lack of integration with contract research organizations (CROs)

Infosys CTSM solution helps address these challenges. The solution is now available on cloud with specific focus on the mid-market segment and CROs. The cloud enablement facilitates agility and cost optimization, while maintaining the best-in-class features of the highly scalable on-premise CTSM solution. It enhances inventory visibility, cost tracking throughout the supply chain, and ensures adherence to regulations. These enhancements help you turbocharge your CTSM by making it work faster, smarter, and safer.

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