Infosys Life Sciences leaders join SAP and IDC on VoiceAmerica™ radio show

In the first series of 'Pharma Trends with Game-Changers', Infosys, IDC and SAP speakers share their thoughts on the life sciences industry and the shifting dynamics in clinical trials.

In today’s uber competitive world, there is an extreme urgency to bring new pharmaceutical drugs to market – quickly, safely, and with high efficacy.

With aging populations, increasing number of chronic illnesses, and skyrocketing healthcare costs, there is also the added pressure to develop innovative drugs.

Download the point of view that captures the insights shared by leaders from SAP, IDC and Infosys on the VoiceAmerica™ radio show.

Listen to the Part 1 of the SAP radio series 'Pharma Trends with Game-Changers' where the panelists delve deeper into how pharmaceutical and medical devices companies can prepare for the future.

Part 1 – episode 1

Part 1 – episode 2

In the second part of 'Pharma Trends with Game-Changers' radio series, Infosys, IDC and SAP leaders discuss how technology is going to play a crucial role in reducing drug counterfeits.

Listen now to the Part 2 of the radio show