Personalizing medicine with ‘intelligent data’ in the as-a-service economy


For healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to harness data. HfS Research believes that the strategic use of sourcing partners can boost efficiency. Personalized healthcare and medicine may not be too far off in the future if we bring together the right ecosystem of partners.

A number of sourcing service providers are exploring ways to partner with their clients and provide industry-specific services to help realize this vision. Infosys, for example, is applying a more intelligent approach with a pharmaceutical client, working to identify and implement new ways to approach clinical trials—from how patients are identified, how data gathered from one study can be repurposed for another, and the role of interventions.

In this insightful conversation, Subhro Mallik, Associate Vice President and Head – Life Sciences, Americas and Europe for Infosys; Emanuel Ziegler, Lead Architect – SAP Healthcare and Life Sciences, and the host of Coffee Break with Game-changers; along with HfS Research discuss the business opportunities and hurdles in using genomic data for personalized medicines.

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Published with permission of HfS Research